Hi :D

what happens when a confused unicorn and a pegasus meet?

You get allhappythingz :p

So heeyy, here we are , two besties trying to blog. We never really planned about blogging. This blog just happened to us, like all happy things do :p
This blog had a very simple,unplanned and unceremonious birth.Two of our close friends are bloggers (thecrazyperfectionist.wordpress.com and thelonelybooklover.wordpress.com— they are really cool!). We would always listen to their blog-talk :3 Then on one lazy summer evening, both of us were discussing their ‘blog-talk’ over some crackers and chips, and that is when we decided to start our own blog. So that’s it :p This decision was random, like all other decisions we take :3
Now here’s a word of caution. Just lie our decisions, our posts will be random and crazy. So please do not mind ^_^ We are not a pro, so do not judge :3 However, we are quite friendly, so we would not mind at all if we could make friends. 😀

Let’s end this post here :3 . Ta-da!  ❤